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What Is Laser Lipo


Laser lipo naturally shrinks your fat cells without the need for surgery or incisions, by using laser energy. The laser’s energy first causes your fat cells to bleed and break down. Next, the contents of the interior cells leak out and are eliminated by your body’s natural processes. Additionally, any remaining fat cells contract, giving you a slimmer, more contoured silhouette and a smaller circumference in the area treated.

The laser lipo procedure is used to effectively tighten the skin. The same laser energy that destroys your fat cells also stimulates the cells in your skin, increasing the production of collagen and elastin proteins, which are essential for the health and structure of your skin. Your skin becomes stronger thanks to both these proteins, making it appear firmer and younger. We use laser lipo to provide you with a non-invasive, non-surgical method to reduce unwanted fat without any downtime.

What happens during laser lipo?

When you visit for a laser lipo treatment we will use a non-invasive device to deliver powerful laser energy deep inside your fat cells while sparing the surrounding tissue.

Laser lipo is a painless procedure. The amount of fat and the size of the treatment area are two factors that determine how long the procedure will take. In most cases, the treatment will be roughly 60 minutes or less.

nce your treatment is completed, you can leave and carry on with your daily activities. As the treatment does not require any incisions and has no major side effects, there are no downtime requirements or limitations after treatment. 


Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage

Pressotherapy is a special massage with compressed air, which is supplied through a special suit connected to the device. The latter consists of different sections — trousers, sleeves, a belt, allowing impact both on the whole body and on its individual parts, for example, the stomach or legs. Such a suit was developed considering the physiological and anatomical characteristics of a person.

Pressotherapy is effective for cellulite, for weight loss, for sagging skin, for supporting, preventive, and rehabilitation measures in cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, and physiotherapy.
According to research data, one session of such massage replaces several manual procedures or 2 workouts in the gym. After a couple of sessions, the body becomes more toned/slender, and the skin becomes smooth and elastic, which also occurs due to the improvement of lymph flow and removal of excess fluid from the body. This technique is ideal for people who are sedentary, overweight, or malnourished.

The alleged benefits attributed to lymphatic drainage massage are vast and varied.

  1. Safe and enjoyable weight loss;

  2. Increasing muscle tone and gaining a toned figure;

  3. Prevention of oedema and thrombosis;

  4. A person feels cheerfulness, a surge of strength;

  5. The aging process of the skin slows down, its quality improves;

  6. Chronic fatigue disappears;

  7. Blood flow and cell saturation with oxygen and nutrients are restored;

  8. Toxins are removed from the body, immunity is increased;

  9. Painlessness procedure;

  10. No age restrictions;

  11. Fast effect (you can see improvements after the first procedure);

  12. It is possible to affect not only the whole body but also locally;

  13. It does not affect the internal organs, as when taking pharmaceuticals to remove excess fluid, the body does not lose nutrients.




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